At the Breshna Foundation for Culture, we value your cooperation, expertise, and contribution to our charitable activities. We recognize the importance of partnering with both institutional and private entities, as well as gaining the long-term support of like-minded individuals worldwide.

There are several ways you can contribute and cooperate with us:


If your cultural institution, association, or nonprofit organization is interested in teaming up with us, we invite you to write us an email expressing your interest and providing a brief introduction to your organization. Our team will contact you promptly to discuss the best options and guide you accordingly.


We invite you to share your expertise and become a regular or intermittent expert in our topic-based working groups. The Breshna Foundation's regular working groups serve as an ideal platform for exchange and networking, where active members engage in discussions on a wide range of foundation topics and long-term strategies. To get involved, write us an email noting your expertise, profession, and interest in one or more of our various topics.


To achieve our foundation's objectives, we are establishing integrated working groups (WG):

  • LIBRARY: Tasks include Cultural Time Travel, Editorials, Book Club, and Digital Archive.
  • LAB: Tasks include Workshops, Seminars, Online Courses, and Publications.
  • COMMUNICATION: Tasks include Newsletter, Blog, Podcast, as well as Events and Exhibitions,
  • ADMIN: Tasks include Management, Accounting, and Liaison.
We welcome the volunteer support of conscious individuals, organizations, experts, and students seeking internship credit.


If you have cogent documents, treatises, reviews, verifiable scans, recordings, or other data related to our topics, we encourage you to share them with us. Write us an email, noting your background, and indicate and verify your resources. Our dedicated team will provide you with the details and requirements.


Your valuable contributions and funding are crucial for our charitable activities. Whether you wish to sponsor an event, support a specific program, or contribute in a general capacity, your contribution not only aids our cause but may also help reduce your tax payments. Write us an email to express your interest and introduce yourself, your network, or association. We will contact you to provide guidance and further information.
We appreciate your cooperation, expertise, and contribution as we work together to advance our mission of preserving Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage and promoting artistic excellence.


Bitte akzeptieren Sie die Bedingungen.