Breshna Foundation Archive Project
Establishment and Significance of the Archive 

The Breshna Foundation Archive Project Highlighting the Archive’s Importance.

The Breshna Foundation is dedicated to systematically cataloging, digitizing, and conserving the artistic legacy of Abdul Ghafur Brechna. Ultimately, the establishment of both analog and digital archives, integrated with an arts education and research center, will enhance global access to his work. 

Additionally, the Foundation aims to conduct further research on the complete body of work by Abdullah Breshna, connecting it with the contributions of his contemporaries. 

Within this framework, we strive to gradually build a scholarly research community dedicated to Afghan art and architecture, collaborating with experts and educational institutions worldwide.

For a comprehensive overview, please refer to pages 25-36 in our detailed report

Annual Report of the Breshna Foundation for Culture

General Overview of Foundation Setup and Program on Progress and Outlining Future Projects