Theme Day at The Linden-Museum Stuttgart


The Breshna Theme Day: A Tribute to Afghan Art and Culture

On April 21, 2024, the Linden Museum Stuttgart opened its doors for a very special occasion—the Breshna Theme Day. Artists, culture enthusiasts, and the general public from various regions were warmly welcomed to honor the life and work of Abdul Ghafur Brechna and to acknowledge his pivotal role in 20th-century Afghan culture.

The event kicked off with an engaging tour led by Dr. Annette Krämer, curator of the "Stuttgart – Afghanistan" exhibition. Dr. Krämer guided attendees through Breshna’s works, tracing his journey from his early studies in Germany during the 1920s to his profound impact on Afghanistan's art and cultural scenes.
Prof. Dr. Inés de Castro, Director of the Linden Museum, opened the official ceremony with an enlightening speech highlighting the collaboration between the museum and the Breshna Foundation for Culture.

The keynote presentations provided insights into Brechna's diverse body of work, which extends well beyond painting. Covering art, music, radio, theater, and political cartoons, Breshna left an indelible mark on Afghanistan's cultural landscape. Art historian Nathalie Kreitz discussed Breshna's role as a pioneer of Afghan modernism, while Prof. Alam Farhad explored his significance from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

The evening featured a musical performance by Rubab master Daud Khan Sadozai, who brought Brechna’s compositions to life, creating a memorable atmosphere.
Inspired by Breshna’s artistic legacy, visitors from cities such as Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe, and Stuttgart left the museum enriched with new insights. The Breshna Theme Day was not only a celebration of the life of a significant artist but also an invitation for further exploration and appreciation of his enduring legacy.

Stay tuned to our website for more inspiring moments from the Breshna Theme Day. Discover the enduring impact of Abdul Ghafur Breshna’s contributions to 20th-century culture.

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